torsdag, februar 15, 2007


Mina my precious came to this world on friday 09.02... and what a lovely day it was!!! I am from now on a proud father. hhoooooorrrrrrr tssssssch hhoooooorrrrrrr tssssssch.... Mina i am your father...

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ChickenMilk sa...


Jallah...Rude...WOW! she is beautiful. That is amazing! Please give her a kiss from Uncle Duble V. I can't wait to see you guys. Gotta DOIT!

Peace and Love for you and your little family.

Jah Bless.

Diana sa...

Congratulations to your sweet little daughter!!!! She is so beautiful.

I've been visiting your site for a while! I really enjoy looking at your works. They are great and very inspiring.

Take care

M.E.L.K sa...

Thanx guys for the nice comments, and Diana you got some nice things going, on your blog.. Keep it up! Nice to hear that someone gets inspired by the things i do! I will try to update more often.


Josephine Lundquist sa...

fan va underbart! =)
Stora kramar till er alla tre!!

Anonym sa...

Hei Rashid!Long time no see. Gratulerer så mye med datter!!! Hilsen Kristian Engelsen