mandag, oktober 22, 2007

From my kebab eating man:)

More art from Marius Asp. flott:)

onsdag, oktober 17, 2007

onsdag, oktober 03, 2007

mandag, oktober 01, 2007


Finally the biggest image i have made so far has been sold. did it in 2003. 2004 it was shown on my exhibition in Sydney "outsiders".. After that it have just taken up space:) Then i got a request from a cafe/bar in Ålesund, Norway. They needed some stuff to put up on the walls. So i custom made the canvas with the cafe/bar´s name: "Lille Løvenvold" and sent it away, with some other things.
Then a few weeks later its sold to the owner of the shop. Nice:) finally got it of my hands...

here are some old photos of it, from my 2004 exhibition. will post some new images later.

see more photos from outsiders here!