tirsdag, mai 29, 2007

søndag, mai 27, 2007

From Ghostschool

Got some stuff from Wil Freeborn, a Scotland based artist.
Thanx Wil
Check out Ghostschool her

lørdag, mai 26, 2007


Sloss med drillpikene fra P3 i Drillfight!
sloss her

torsdag, mai 24, 2007

onsdag, mai 23, 2007

Still working on it

Well still doing a littel somthing on this one..



tirsdag, mai 22, 2007


Yepp, Pull for fresh milk.. got this one from a friend of mine that just came back from London.. Thanxs Tom

søndag, mai 20, 2007

New one from IF "Signs"

There are lots of signs out there... just need to pick em up.. i did somthing more simple.. but still giving a massage, like a sign should do...

fredag, mai 18, 2007

che toy

Well was at visuelt 07 in oslo and got inspired.. came home and made a toy out of my che t-shirt.. hehe first try.. well it was fun, want to make more:) hope you like it..

søndag, mai 13, 2007

Old photo

Love the feel of an old photo, got this from my brother-in-law.. love it

Face on wood

another girl


Are you a cheese locer??

lørdag, mai 05, 2007

torsdag, mai 03, 2007

Wil Freeborn

Man... am loving the work from Wil Freeborn, especially this one!!
Check out his work at ghostschool

onsdag, mai 02, 2007

Old cover art

Bought this a few years ago at a marked, just loved the cover and how the little girl that owned it (I think it says Tina on the back) have coloured the characters on the back! Beautiful:)

På utkikk

Var å gikk en tur her om dagen med en veninne.. å så hang denne på et tre! Fantastisk skrevet:)
Kansje litt vanskelig å lese.. men klikk på den og prøv å se om du får med deg alt!